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About Us

About Us

Mission Statement

The Parks and Recreation Department enhances the quality of life in Guilford by providing attractive, well-maintained areas and facilities for active and passive leisure pursuits. We offer affordable structured activities for all age groups that are recreational, social, cultural, physical, and creative; and we provide various social and health services.

Our services benefit INDIVIDUALS with better health, fitness, self-esteem, and creative expression; the COMMUNITY through connected families, community pride, support for youth, and a lifeline for the elderly; they ENVIRONMENT with open space, wildlife habitats, and oxygen-producing green areas; the ECONOMY through enhanced land values, reduced healthcare costs, and reduced crime and vandalism.

The benefits are endless. The Parks and Recreation Department endeavors to provide for the residents a caring and sincere atmosphere that values input from each individual.

Parks & Recreation Commission

  • Laura Hartmann, Chairwoman
  • Rose Dostert, Vice Chairwoman
  • Michael Mennone
  • John Jagielski
  • Bradley Kronstat
  • Diane VanSteenbergen
  • Tara Hunt Melvin
  • Lawrence Rooney
  • Susan Welsh
  • Kathy Stewart, Clerk