About Us

Mission Statement

The Parks and Recreation Department enhances the quality of life in Guilford by providing attractive, well maintained areas and facilities for active and passive leisure pursuits. We offer affordable structured activities for all age groups that are recreational, social, cultural, physical and creative; and we provide various social and health services.

Our services benefit INDIVIDUALS with better health, fitness, self-esteem and creative expression; the COMMUNITY through connected families, community pride, support for youth, and a lifeline for the elderly; the ENVIRONMENT with open space, wildlife habitats, and oxygen producing green areas; the ECONOMY through enhanced land values, reduced healthcare costs, and reduced crime and vandalism.

The benefits are endless.The Parks and Recreation Department endeavors to provide for the residents a caring and sincere atmosphere that values input from each individual.

Parks & Recreation Commission

  • Rose Dostert, Chairwoman
  • Claire Kinkade Dunn, Vice Chairwoman
  • Suzanne McDermott
  • Laura Hartmann
  • John Jagielski
  • Nicholas Kane
  • Diane VanSteenbergen
  • Tara Hunt Melvin
  • Lawrence Rooney
  • Kathy Stewart, Clerk